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Our mission is the provision of a first class learning experience that will equip students with the skills, ability and knowledge to successfully compete in their chosen discipline.

We aim to provide access to relevant and challenging learning opportunities for all adult students regardless of their background.

Our on-going commitment to providing fair and equal treatment to our students, staff and anyone we deal with ensures a welcoming and friendly study and work environment.

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For us, assuring the quality of our education is to ensure a fit for purpose learning environment that puts the student at the centre of everything we do. Continuous review and evaluation of our curriculum and work consolidate the way we build our expertise and improve our performance, always keeping the needs of our students in mind. The role of the College’s quality and curriculum principal is to oversee the development of our approach and practices in teaching and learning, and to achieve mutually set targets through team effort. Our staff is experienced and qualified, and includes lecturers holding relevant qualifications in their fields from British Universities and other internationally recognised institutions. Bringing their experience to classes, lecturers and teachers implement a practical approach to theoretical bases. As a result, our students undergo a learning process which from the outset prepares them for the challenges that they may face in the world of work. Any Higher Education Institution plays an important part in achieving an eventual goal for its students: good career prospects. It is evident that employers are looking for a workforce which does not simply rely on academic mastery, but also possesses the required practical skills. The courses offered by the college are meant to address the exact needs of employers. All courses are ‘real life based’, i.e. students apply the knowledge they gain to real life situations. Our Higher National Diploma students, for example, are asked to produce practice-based assignments to meet the requirements of their courses. Having this kind of experience, our graduates are well equipped to obtain work placements and commence successful careers. To enhance our students’ learning experiences we run a variety of relevant enrichment activities throughout the year. They allow students to develop new skills, to broaden their horizons and to socialise. The activities are embedded across the curriculum and all departments of the College and range from field trips, excursions and an annual sports day to crime prevention events and cinema evenings. Alexander London College has policies and procedures in place for students and staff to feel secure and confident that they can study and work in an environment where they feel safe, respected and heard, regardless of their nationality and background. Our overall goal is to create a fair environment and to promote a constructive organisational atmosphere where all people can work and learn with dignity and in an independent manner. We will act against any possible discriminatory or biased practices and will positively promote tolerance and diversity

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