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During our lessons we aim to include as much variety of content as possible so that lessons are interesting, appropriate and relevant to learners. Generally the English tuition is focused on use of English for international communications and we also use materials that reflect British culture so that students can learn about everyday life in this country. We aim to ensure that students can use their English to manage everyday situations during their stay in London and when visiting other English-speaking countries.

Understanding the differences between written English and spoken English is key for effective use of English language. Teachers support students to use the English language with confidence. We provide a range of lessons that consider many different issues such as entertainment, the environment, family and friends, food, health, shopping and work as well as English for using technology such as phones, social networks and other online activities. Our teachers will nurture you and can help you reach your potential for using the English language.

On our English courses at Bloomberg College we find the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) a useful tool to help students understand the pronunciation of English words that they find in the dictionary. It also enables us to explain pronunciation quickly and efficiently. We create our own materials as well as using respected English language textbooks and we encourage students to use their English in different situations outside of the College.


Lessons include:


Increase your fluency through practice with your teacher and classmates.

Improve your accuracy via constructive criticism and praise.

Improve pronunciation through high quality training and use of phonetics.

Feel comfortable in an environment where your opinion counts.


Classroom practice to boost vocabulary, grammar and confidence.

Use techniques to help you get the most from listening to English voices in a range of contexts.


Use texts from a wide range of sources and authentic material to progress your reading ability.

Read in different ways and for different reasons to build your overall grasp of reading English in multiple contexts.


Practice different writing activities that will further develop your overall language skills.

Develop strategies and techniques to express yourself better through written English.


Examine and learn the form of English grammar using different activities and materials.

Practice your use of grammar in different situations to improve your English.

Throughout your course you will have countless opportunities to study and practice all of the above with your classmates. We also provide options for self-study at home or in our IT Suite /Student Resource Room.

We use a wide range or materials (including authentic materials), methods and resources to provide the most effective lessons possible for you and your classmates

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