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Qualification overview

Who this qualification is for

The purpose of this qualification is to enable you to progress within the health and social care sector. This qualification is appropriate for you if in your day-to-day work role you are working in a health and social care role. This qualification will develop your skills, competence and knowledge of health and social care, and you will be assessed in the workplace. You must be 16 years and above to start this qualification.

Qualification coverage and design

This qualification is made up of units that will develop your skills, knowledge and understanding, needed to work in a health and social care role. The qualification includes 3 pathways, which allow you to choose a vehicle that reflects your job role. You can choose from General, Dementia and Adults with Learning Disabilities. Each pathway includes nine mandatory units and a range of optional units to choose from (to reflect your current and planned job role). Mandatory unit details are below.

This qualification is a QCF, vocational qualification. It has 315 to 447 guided learning hours (depending on the units you choose); you can expect a blend of learning activities including workplace learning, class based learning and independent learning and
research. All learning (100%) should focus on developing your skills, knowledge and understanding of health and social care.You should seek guidance and advice on the qualification content, assessment methods (and access to assessment), support available to you and how your needs can be met.

Alternative qualifications

This Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care qualification develops skills and knowledge in health and social care; the qualification is a component of the advanced apprenticeship. If you are seeking work in a health and social care role, an advanced apprenticeship may be the appropriate route for you. If you are employed in a health and social care role, you may wish to take the Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care as a standalone qualification, rather than as part of an apprenticeship. This may be because you are an adult seeking to gain recognition/develop your skills and knowledge, at an age when an apprenticeship is not appropriate to you. Or, if you are qualified (for example with the relevant English, Maths and ICT skills), or an experienced adult, and still intend to gain recognition for or develop your knowledge, skills and competence in health and social care at Level 3. Alternatively, you or your employer, may have financial or time restrictions which mean taking all the components of an apprenticeship is not an option for you. iCQ also offer a knowledge qualification, the iCQ Level 3 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care. This qualification is also an advanced apprenticeship component, and may be suitable for you if you wish to acquire knowledge before starting work in health and social care. It has fewer credits and guided learning hours than the Diploma (21 credits). Alternatively, you may wish to specialise one of the following qualifications – each has fewer credits and guided learning hours than the Diploma:

  • iCQ Level 3 Certificate in Working in End of Life Care (QCF) – 26 credits
  • iCQ Level 3 Award In Awareness of End of Life Care (QCF) – 10 credits
  • iCQ Level 3 Certificate in Dementia Care (QCF) – 21 credits
  • iCQ Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia (QCF) – 11 credits

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