Student Life at ALC


ALC students experience a unique and supportive college lifestyle. We believe that student life should “guide students in realising academic, professional and personal goals as they progress towards their qualification and beyond”. Our student population participates in various events held on campus every year and we offer all the essential activities that are associated with traditional student life, supplemented with non-traditional opportunities that add to and accelerate the growth and life experience of our students.


Our student induction programme provides a platform for learning more about the college, as well as all the services and facilities we provide to our students. The ALC induction enables students to meet new people, share thoughts and ideas and to develop friendships within their new class environments.

ALC Induction Activities Include:

  • Advice and guidance on the skills students need while learning
  • Guidance to succeed at the college
  • An introduction to the chosen course, including subjects to study and the regulations of assessment
  • Opportunity to meet the tutors and other students
  • Information on how to access college resources such as the library, IT labs etc.


In addition to the provision of teaching and learning resources, the college arranges study tours for all the students, as per course requirements, to enable them to gain additional knowledge through experience. Visits will be scheduled to various business organisations and key institutions, such as the Houses of Parliament, Westminster and other interesting sites to help understand the impact of social and economic change in the current climate.

These visits are designed to help students grasp a better understanding of the subjects in depth, thereby enabling them to identify, compare and analyse the implications of their theoretical knowledge on real-life business settings.


Information about life whilst studying at ALC will be provided during the induction by the relevant staff members. The library staff and the IT help desk will also offer advice for students regarding learning resources to support their studies.