Student Recruitment Representatives

We have authorised student recruitment representatives within the UK, and other countries, who enable us to reach a good number of prospective students across different markets. Students are assisted by these representatives while submitting their applications to the college.

Our marketing team work closely with representatives across the world, ensuring that they can provide necessary information on everything from the application procedure to the admission deadlines. They help students to standardise their choices more effectively and support them in their application process, by providing relevant information about the course and the college.

Students can also contact our marketing team on to confirm whether a representative is authorised by the college or not.


  • A representative must be a limited company or locally registered business
  • A representative should provide the documents confirming the Company license and the ownership of the Company
  • A representative should provide the valid contact details – both the first and second person to contact
  • There must be documents and clear information regarding the Operational Office (government registration documents, office photos etc.)
  • A representative should provide the marketing documents for recruiting students, for example; posters, leaflets, photos of seminars, brochures etc.
  • A representative should provide two referees with whom the agent is doing business with
  • ALC will sign agreements with applicants who provide positive references as per the terms and conditions.
  • We arrange seminars, exhibitions and other recruitment campaigns to recruit students. This helps to provide a platform to meet college representatives in their respective regions. This also ensures a better working relationship. The college invites representatives to the college to discuss various issues regarding admissions and marketing.

We reserve the right to cancel an agreement with any approved representative if he/she violates the college rules and regulations, or is found to be in breach of the agreement. The college also reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who is found to use unlawful practices. Upon arrival, students need to complete a feedback form about the services offered by their given representative and this feedback will be considered for the future working relationship with the Representatives.