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It is never too early to think about university. The earlier you begin, the greater the chance of success. Admission to top universities requires clear achievement at GCSE level, and for certain paths such as Medicine, pupils may need to start thinking about their experience, A Level choices, and application even earlier.

There is also fierce competition for places on top courses at the leading universities. The increasing number of students means that admissions are becoming more complex, as universities use different methods to try and separate the exceptional candidates from those who are ‘merely excellent’. These universities want applicants who are genuinely motivated and inspired by their subject; who can think independently and flexibly; and who have high academic potential, regardless of their background.

A key factor in success is the quality of support and guidance available as pupils approach this stage. Acorn House College has a long track record of developing students for admission to Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, and Engineering programmes, and other competitive science- or maths-based degrees at leading universities.

University and Career Advice

Bloomberg College provides a start-to-finish Careers Advice service for all our students. Coupled with our proven and comprehensive programmes for university admissions, we help each student to find out where they will flourish in their next years, through university and beyond.

Crucial to this service is a thorough knowledge of how different qualifications can work for or against particular career paths, allowing for the fact that modern professionals increasingly change careers throughout their lives. In all this, we combine knowledge of each student’s strengths and interests with knowledge of both university and workplace to indicate a practical course of action.

Our preparation programmes are designed to build on each student’s strengths, and include contact with Admissions Tutors and past students who act as mentors in their chosen subjects. We also aim to offer events in the local community to aid other students in their course choices and share our knowledge.

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