Why Choose ALC


The Alexander London College (ALC) is dedicated to upholding the core values on which it was founded: developing the academic capabilities of its students while promoting excellence, diversity and a sense of community. Studying at ALC provides an environment which encourages learning that’s tailored to you.


At ALC, we embrace several core values that ensure our commitment to you is always upheld:

  • Training and development of job-oriented skills
  • Promoting intuitive, critical thinking
  • Affordable training for all students
  • Flexible learning environment
  • High-quality undergraduate courses


Studying and Dealing with Personal Commitments

At ALC, we are aware of the diverse needs of our students. As such, we have created a learning environment that offers support and flexibility to our student body; this is to ensure each ALC student is not constrained by any academic, personal or work-related limitations that could affect his or her academic performance.

Our campus in London offer an array of courses tailored to support your academic and professional development goals. We offer both day and evening classes to ensure access to our higher education provision is open to as many as possible. Additionally, we embed professional development classes in some of our undergraduate courses to support you in those critical steps after graduation.

Our courses offer a degree of flexibility in their structure to support all student circumstances. Whether you have work commitments or need to support a family while studying, ALC aims to provide a solution through our flexible learning options. ALC provides a wide range of learning options through its various campuses spread across London, flexible timetables – day, evening or weekend options to provide you with the needed flexibility to accommodate your work and personal commitments.


Our commitment to you stems from these fundamental values which in turn determines the work we undertake to support you through your academic studies. As such, we ensure that we uphold the following promises to each and every student:

  • Caring for individuals: we care about the development, success and well-being of our students, and believe that a better future means quality education for all
  • Commitment: we provide the support our students need to succeed in their professional pursuits
  • Academic excellence: we ensure success through exceptional standards of teaching and engaging methodology
  • Community and diversity: we promote and encourage diversity in our college, and are proud to welcome students from all backgrounds

At ALC, our commitment to our students drives us in everything we do. We work diligently to uphold our core values and ensure that we support our students from the first day, until the last.

Career focussed qualifications

Diploma courses at the Alexander London College (ALC) have been designed to prepare you for the challenges of professional life. We have a variety of vocational qualifications available, and the skills you learn will be transferable to real-life employment. You will graduate with confidence and expertise necessary to find professional success.

Our courses combine fundamental, subject-specific topic and industry knowledge with workplace skills. Additional professional development classes are provided to lay the foundations for your future careers choices.


Employers advertising job vacancies are receiving more applications than ever. It has never been more important to acquire a competitive advantage over other candidates applying for positions. The career-focused qualifications available from ALC ensure that you will gain knowledge and practical expertise employers are looking for in candidates.

The professional development classes that we offer can make a real difference to your career prospects. Find out more about how we can help you take your first step towards success by getting in touch today.

Evening and Weekend Courses

Our evening and weekend study courses are ideal if you’re in full-time employment. This option enables you to pursue a ALC qualification while continuing your career.

ALC works diligently to support your study needs. We endeavour to offer flexibility across all our courses, thereby enabling you to find an option that fits your circumstances.

We are committed to helping students gain access to and achieve their goals at a higher education level. Contact ALC today to find out how one of our undergraduate qualifications can work for you.

Student Enrichment

As part of our student enrichment programme, we’ve created ALC Online Portal– a resource zone to help support you throughout your time studying at ALC.

Part-Time Study

Our diploma courses can be studied part-time; this enables learners to fit their education around their external commitments.